Who we are

We are a group of directors, photographers, musicians and designers that conceive, plan and execute groundbreaking and progressive campaigns, content and events with a focus on merging new technology with creative solutions, led by founders and content and streaming pioneers Tim & Barry.

What we do

We design and implement award winning  content, live streaming and events, combining creative innovation with cutting edge technology. We pride ourselves on using bespoke, scalable models that have satisfied clients from the local to the global.

How we do

We prefer to have a period of brainstorming, followed by a presentation of concepts/projects with timings, proposed budget, direction and planning. Upon approval, we continue to production.

An Introduction to Tim & Barry

On the eve of their anniversary, celebrating 20 years of collaboration, Tim & Barry decided to form Archetype. In the spirit of collaboration it was natural for them to reach out to long term to co-collaborators to form a strong team to make Archetype a reality. They include Dizzee Rascal’s manager & award winning producer , Nicholas Detnon, writer and A&R Ian McQuaid and project manager, Hakim Baghari.

Why Archetype?

Archetype is a multi-award winning group of creatives. With years of experience at delivering top tier live streaming and immersive content creation projects, we have a deep understanding of the evolving ways consumers interact with brand campaigns and streaming technology. Our key aim is always to build meaningful, lasting engagement between brands and their audience.

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